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Knoxville's Own Cutting-Edge Recording Studio

Rates are based on your specific project and are flexible. For more accurate rates, contact us below. 



Studio time varies per project. All studio time includes an expert engineer on hand to insure high-quality performances and recordings. Call or email today for your project's quote. 

(865) 247-6439


Included in Most Studio Packages

We want your project to sound radio ready. Most of our studio packages include complementary mastering to achieve the best sound possible. 

(865) 247-6439


Call for a Quote

Mixing services available for original and pre-recorded projects. Package rates apply for projects tracked in-house. 

(865) 247-6439


Call for a Quote

We create custom backing and karaoke tracks for tv, films and more. If you are interested in using our skilled musicians and engineers to create your track, call us today!

(865) 247-6439

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