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Record in our state-of-the-art recording suites. Our highly-trained engineers know how to get the sound you want. 

We provide professional quality, radio ready mixes, in-house at an affordable rate. 

We put the finishing touches on your mix to provide the highest quality sound. 

Meet the Team

Tricia Parks


            Studio Office Manager

Administrative Expert


  • Manages studio intern program 

  • Creates album package rates

  • Assists with scheduling and staffing

  • Coordinates studio tours  

"The best part is getting to see the studio process from start to finish. I love to see an artist grow in the studio."


Mark Radice


Executive Producer

    3-time Emmy Nominee


  •  Songwriter for Cotton, AT&T, American Greetings and Royal Caribbean.

  • Signed to RCA Records at the age of 7

  • Written over 5,000 songs, including songs for Barbra Streisand, Wilson Pickett and 
    Barry Manilow. 

  • A touring musician with Donovan, Cheap Trick and Aerosmith 

  • Eight years as the songwriter for Jim Henson and Sesame Street 


Frank Sheadrick, Jr. 


              Head Audio Engineer

      Bachelor's in Music Production

      Expertise: Mixing, Producing,                     Engineering, Studio Musician

  • Touring Musician for the Temptations Revue featuring Nate Evans

  • Performed at Bonnaroo

  • Studio musician for over 15 albums


        "Let's just make great music."


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